Private Placement Markets Commits to Staying in California

Steve Muehler today announced that the Private Placement Markets is committed to not only staying in California, but to expanding its Southern California Operations in 2021.

Mr. Steve Muehler, Founder & President of Private Placement Markets, today announced the firm will not consider joining the estimated 18,000 estimated businesses that have left the State between 2008 and 2019.

According to Mr. Steve Muehler, “I have heard that companies like Charles Schwab, McKesson and Carl’s Jr. have all chosen to leave California for States with lower costs of living, lower costs of employees, less taxes and a more regulatory freedoms. But here is what I see, I see California, just as a State, is equal to being the fifth largest country in the world, and that’s just not by size of our economy, but the robustness of our economy. From 2016 to 2017, California’s gross domestic product rose by $127 Billion to over $2.7 trillion. Our State’s economy is gigantic! California is the home base of the technology industry, and industry we are deeply woven into.”

Steve Muehler went on to state that “California is also home to over 40 million people, and of that group, this State is full of wealthy people who support the many businesses here in California that we call home, no maybe that is not an interest to those other companies, but that is of interest to us. This State is so crazy with talented people, do you know that Steve Jobs was walking down the streets of this great state when he met Steve Wozniak while he was washing his car”?

“On top all of that, our climate is amazing, the geography is second to none, and California has some of the best schools in the nation. If some higher taxes are what we pay in return for all of this, seems like a fair trade to me. We are a private company, we do not have to rush to the market every quarter with new financial data to get noticed, we are here long term.”

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